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Belt Color Sorter LD2

Belt Color Sorter LD2
  • Belt Color Sorter LD2

  • Model: LD2
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The standard features of ANCOO LD series belt-type color sorter are steady performance, large capacity output, high reliability, long service life and compact design.

LD Series Excellent Features:

1. New LED light source - it is used in LD series for a high stable power supply, long lifetime and lower use-cost.

2. Stainless steel structure - the structure can ensures IP66 waterproof grade efficiently.

3. 2038 CCD sensor – detecting a high range of materials because the very high resolution.

4. Intelligent shape function - helping the machine sort the materials based on size and shape.

5. Ejector assembly - which is for increasing sorting accuracy, output and rejection efficiency.

6. Self-detection function - which is for detecting the fault of this machine such as light source ejectors and control board automatically.

7. Optional NIR function - the function is for increasing the sorting range of machine, improving sorting accuracy and rejecting the impurities difficult to detect.


Unique Properties:

· Crawler-type transmission system - ensuring material can smoothly slide, controlling broken rate effectively and increasing income finally.

· New LED lighting source system - the stability of power supply is higher, the life of light emitting is longer and the using cost is lower.

· Advanced stainless steel - IP66 waterproof level (sorting room can reach IP54 ), which is convenient for using.

· Extensive automatic fault self-checking function - which can diagnose ejector, light control panel, electric motor and other failures automatically.

· Industry-leading intelligent shape sorting technology - which can effectively identify materials according to its size and shape.



Belt Color Sorter LD2 | Meyer Ancoo
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