Rice Color Sorter RS4-C

  • Model: RS4-C
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1. High brightness and low temperature rise LED light source — illuminating the all of materials in different direction, improve detecting accuracy effectively. Meanwhile it ensures rational source brightness and helps machine has a longer life.

2. Automatic background adjustment function — which is equipped in the ANCOO RS series electronic rice color sorter and it is able to improve the background function and break the limit of traditional background mechanical adjustment mode.

3. The 4th generation FPGA processing system — this system is adopted in ANCOO RS series electronic rice color sorter, which promotes the speed and efficiency of mass data process, meanwhile improve capacity and shape sorting function.

4. Vibrator sensing hopper sensors — ensuring the uniformity of material feeding and sorting.

5. Wide chute design — super high capacity, and fit the production line about 8 – 15 t and more.

6. Imported MEYER-50 lens and super high definition 2048 CCD sensor — it is satisfied the need of subtle image, and the ability of scab & light yellow and rejecting yellow while reserving milky reach the top level of the world.

7. New ejector assembly — the frequency of this new function reduces carryover ratio effectively.

8. Brand new integrated large touch screen — providing interface of remote control and remote diagnosis, realizing the function of wireless control. Additionally, the new ‘one-key’ intelligent control makeasier.

Unique Properties:

· Ultra-clear colorful 5400CCD sensor-aims to independent output of visible light, efficiently sorting light yellow, white belly and micro lesion;

· High speed and high frequency inlet equipment-satisfying 300 tons per day production line requirement by one machine;

· High-end LED lighting source system;

· Powerful triple sorting function;

· Rich shape sorting function;

· Automatic material position testing.